Best Registered Agents in Florida

Best Florida Registered Agent Services

While you can be your own registered agent in Florida, its not worth the hassle. Go with any of these registered agents to allow you focus on other aspects of your business.

Not only will you be guaranteed that you won’t miss on any important legal document from the state, but you will get privacy and a centralized location for all your important legal documents.

Must you work with one? Yes. It is a legal requirement in Florida that every corporate entity, LLC, or limited partnership have a registered agent. Failure to do that could have several consequences for the business.

For instance, the corporation won’t be allowed to defend itself against lawsuits in a Florida court. It might even be subjected to a penalty ranging between 5$ daily and 500$ annually!

While registered agents don’t need to operate from a specific state, they should have a street address in the state for them to represent businesses in that state.

Why risk all that with the benefits that come with a registered agent?

So, what are the best registered agents in Florida?


Highly Recommended — Best Pricing Here

Incfile opened its doors in 2004 and has worked with over 500,000 businesses. Incfile will offer you a free year of registered agents service, which is a welcome boost considering that cash can be tight when starting a business.

It has an excellent combination of legal services that you can access at affordable rates. You pay a maximum of 299$ minus the Florida state fee. The starter package is, however, the most impressive since you only pay the Florida state fee.

Incfile will help your form an LLC, send you official reminder emails, corporation, and act as your registered agent by accepting papers for you. You can determine how good the company is from the numerous positive reviews it has.

What’s unique about them is that they will help you set up your LLC for free. While that will make some of their other packages more expensive, it is still among the cheapest registered agent service providers in Florida.


· They give you free 12 months of registered agent services

· They allow you access to essential incorporation documents

· They have a transparent cancellation process


· They lack a legal form that can allow you to curate legal documents easily

Get Started with IncFile Today!

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Reliable Service With Good Pricing — Learn More

Northwest is quite popular among business owners as the best registered agent service provider throughout the US. That isn’t in the least surprising, seeing that they have been in the registered agent business for over 20 years.

Their registered agent service will set you back 125$ annually. While it isn’t cheap compared to its competitors, it will give you privacy and reliability. Of all registered companies in Florida, Northwest is the only one that will allow you to use their address on all your Articles of Organization.

In that way, you can thus keep details about your company private. In other companies, your information is publicly available when you sign up. Not many corporations want their data open to everyone.

As part of its service as your registered agent, Northwest will scan your documents and give you corporate services if you so desire. They will also file compliance documents on your behalf. If you sign up for more packages, you can get a volume discount.

Like Incfile, you also get a free year of registered agent service and help with registering your company.


· Your information is secure with them, and you don’t have to worry about them selling your information

· You get free registered agent services for one year when you sign up


· The filing fees, which vary from state to state, can be quite expensive in some states

Get Started With Northwest Registered Agent Today!

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3. Zen Business

Reliable Service with good customer support

ZenBusiness is another option if you are looking for a registered agent. It has been in operation since 2015 and has helped form thousands of businesses. It also offers LLC formation services, CPA assessments, and EIN acquisition, among other services.

You get to choose from three packages, each with varying costs. For the starter pack, it will charge you 39$ minus the Florida state fee for registered agent services, in addition to a name availability search and a filing of the articles of organization.

The pro package will cost you 149 $ and the premium 249$ excluding the Florida state fee. The services available to you increase with the package you purchase.

No matter what package you choose, you still get a registered agent service you can rely on. Their rate is relatively affordable, and they are a socially conscious company. That is in addition to the free 12 months of registered agent services you get.


· Affordable services

· Premium package comes with extra services

· It comes with a worry-free guarantee


· The business formation timeline needs improving as its quite long

Get Started with Zen Business Today!

4. Incorp

Incorp commenced operation in 1998, although they started offering registered agent services in 2001and had over 125,000 clients by 2017. They take pride in their commendable customer satisfaction and their tech-savvy approach to service provision.

Incorp prides itself on the many different services it offers in addition to the registered agent service. It provides all these services at affordable rates that have young companies in mind.

For the first year with Incorp registered agent service, you pay 99$, which can go as low as 67$ annually if you sign up for additional services minus the Florida state fee. It has a business management system for IOS that allows you to access everything about your business online.

You can pay fees, access your legal documents as well as manage the business. If you prepay for their services, you could save a lot with the discounts they offer you.


· They offer protection from entity identity theft

· The discounts help your business save lots of money

· Excellent quality with their experienced agent service


· Their knowledge base isn’t well maintained

5. Legalzoom

Legalzoom is a famous name in the LLC formation business and has been in operation since 2001. It offers services ranging from legal representation to registered agent services.

It has served over 4 million customers for the close to two decades it has been in operation.

Once you sign up with Legalzoom, you guarantee your business lifetime support. They have a 299$ flat fee that you will pay for the first year to get registered agent services in Florida.

Additionally, they will also provide a compliance calendar to not miss out on essential deadlines at 69$. If you so wish, you can get identity theft cover at an annual fee of 239$.

The LLC formation process with Legalzoom is simple and straightforward, as all you do is fill a questionnaire.

The only downside is that the registered agent service is separate from the other services they offer. You have to purchase it by itself.


· A well-known brand name that guarantees quality

· Efficient and smooth services

· Hands-on customer support


· They charge you whenever they make a process faster

How Do you Pick the Best Registered Agent Service?

You have to consider a few things if you want to pick the best registered agent service.

Value for Your money

How will you benefit from the registered agents’ services? Does it come with additional services? It would help if you considered the value of whatever you are paying for.


There are a ton of registered agent service companies, with most of them offering competitive rates. You have to carefully consider the price as it will directly affect your business’s finances.


How professional are they? Will they hang you to dry when legal issues come up? That’s why you have to pick the most professional companies to prevent any future trouble with authorities.


Reputation is crucial if you are looking for a registered company service provider. Ask around from other businesses what company they would recommend and make a decision based on that.

Our Top Pick- Incfile

Incfile offers the best services at the most reasonable rates. Excluding the 25$ Florida state fee, you pay nothing else for the starter package. That is in addition to the one year of free registered agent service they give you.

Their impressive customer support system also adds to why we think they are the best in Florida. The many positive reviews from their customers should tell you why they are one of the most sought-after registered agent services firms in Florida and other states.

If you want to start a startup or SME in Florida, they will be the best for you because of their registered agent’s pocket-friendly charges.


1.What is an LLC?

An LLC is a limited liability company. It is a business arrangement where thw business owner(s) isn’t held responsible for its debts or liabilities.

2.Can I be my registered agent?

Yes, you can, but you must meet the requirements.

3.What are the leading agents in the US?

The agents we have discussed above are the leading registered agent service providers in the US.

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