Best Delaware Registered Agents

Best Delaware Registered Agent Services

Having the right registered agent service provider is crucial. The provider helps you handle your legal paperwork and ensures that your business is in compliance with states requirements.

In this review, we bring you a comprehensive guide on the best Delaware registered agents so you can choose the best option that will work for you.

1. Incfile

Find your next registered agent with for only $119.00 per year.

Established in 2004, Incfile has established itself as a firm player in the industry, making it one of the most reputable companies when it comes to registered agent services. They have set themselves apart from other service providers as one of the most affordable, most reliable, the and intuitive with a pack of incredible features required when starting a business.

Incfile has served more than 250,000 clients from a wide range of backgrounds, and their diverse experience is evident from their all-around services they offer. It doesn’t matter the kind of business you want to register, they have experienced agents in every field.

When it comes to pricing, the company has three packages you can choose from including the silver, gold, and platinum packages. The starter package is the most impressive one at $0 + state fee. Each package comes with lots of valuable features.

For the entry price, you gain access to 12 months of registered agent services, which makes Incfile the most ideal choice for startups and SMEs. Keep in mind that the amount you pay for the service varies depending on the state where you intend to establish your business.

Besides that, their highly rated customer reviews are a clear sign that Incfile is bound to impress.


· Offers unmatched value

· Offers a full year of registered agents services in all packages

· No hidden fees

· Offer unlimited email and phone support

· Offer a specialized dashboard to track compliance reminders and deadlines

· Provide add-ons for online merchants


· Inconvenient customer service

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2. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is probably one of the most renowned online business service providers serving millions of clients. Their registered agent service charges a straightforward $299 per year with no extra fees or optional features.

Although other industry players beat their prices, LegalZoom offers more than just document forwarding as your registered agent. They also offer a Compliance Calendar, which is specially designed to update you on crucial filing deadlines, notify you in case of curt summons, and also to scan and copy all documents.

LegalZoom has a high degree of experience, which sets it apart from its competitors. The company is also one of the biggest business service networks you can ever find. They provide comprehensive legal services, making them a one-stop-shop for both personal and business legal needs.

So if you are looking for a track record and wouldn’t mind paying more, LegalZoom, is an excellent choice.


· Offer a wide array of services

· Powerful brand recognition

· Have a satisfaction guarantee that allows a full refund of all paid fee within 60 days


· Relatively expensive

· Low-rated customer service

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3. Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Harvard Business Services is one of the best Delaware registered agents. Their affordable services, comprehensive features, excellent customer service, and speedy filling times, makes them an excellent option to consider.

Although they don’t provide services in other states, they offer a whole year of registered agent services at $50 per year along with their formation packages.

The company is not the most affordable option in the industry, but its overwhelmingly positive reviews from their customers is an assurance that you will get the best and most reliable services in Delaware.


· Bilingual customer service

· Low prices

· Offer great value


· Only operate in Delaware

4. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent: We’ll Handle the Compliance & Protect Your Privacy

NorthWest is yet another reputable registered agent that has served more than two million businesses since its inception in 1998. To stay ahead in this competitive industry, Northwest has been refining its services to ensure each customer gets the best.

The company focuses on transparency, simplicity, privacy for customers, and developing and maintaining a great relationship with its clientele.

Customer service is the cornerstone of Northwest, and no other company can match their high degree of personalization. When you sign up for Northwest registered agent, you are provided with personalized customer support. As such, you’re paired with a local Corporate Guide as your support agent in your state. This representative takes you through the business registration process and support. This one-on-one support is Northwest’s ultimate selling point and biggest strength.

Northwest charges $125 per annum for registered agent services, which is a little bit high. On the bright side, they offer massive discounts, which can lower their fees to $100 per year

Another impressive feature is that they locally scan every document as your registered agent. This is a commendable practice since most companies only scan the documents required by the government. Their attention to detail ensures that you only pay for the right business.

Besides being your agent, Northwest offers more useful services such as virtual office, VoIP phone services for businesses, mail forwarding, and much more.

Another amazing thing about Northwest is that they have an in-house customer care service to ensure that whenever you encounter an issue, you can contact them directly via phone call or email.


· Top-notch customer support

· You are matched with a local representative

· Transparent charges and fees

· Stellar security and privacy protocols

· Don’t sell or share your info with or to other companies


· Relatively expensive

Get Started With Northwest Registered Agent Service Today!

5. BizFilings

Since its establishment in 1996, Bizfilings has helped more than 500,000 business entities and maintains an A+ BBB rating. This registered agent is a well-rounded and experienced service provider. They charge $174 per annum for their registered agent services, but offer six months agent services for free if you use them to form your LLC.

The most impressive feature of BizFiling is that they offer plenty of guides and tools such as the BizComply Management Tool. This tool helps you track compliance events and notifies you on pending invoices and other state obligations.

On the downside, it’s nearly impossible to stop the registered agent services. So if you don’t intend to continue with their services, you need to cancel their service before the free trial elapses.


· Six months of free registered agent services

· Provides excellent customer support

· Have an easy to use BizComply dashboard

· Extended customer service hours


· Relatively expensive than some of its competitors

· Vague turnaround time

6. Rocket Lawyer

Since its launch in 2008, Rocket Lawyer has become one of the most reputable players in the industry. What sets them apart is that they customize legal documents and contracts to your needs and offer on-call legal sessions with lawyers to save you time and hassle.

The company serves a large volume of clientele, has excellent reviews, and its stellar customer support sets them apart. What’s more, is that they provide a Document Defense mechanism integrated with the form builder. And if you encounter legal issues with other organizations concerning your contracts, Rocket Lawyer provides you with an attorney to offer you support.

When it comes to prices, they charge you $149.99 for their registered agent service, and you can get a 25% discount on the fee if you subscribe as a member. This subscription includes free formation services at $39.99 per month.

Besides, the subscription offers more features making it an excellent choice for businesses.


· Subscription offers more value

· Excellent customer feedback

· Backed by Google ventures


· Quite costly

· Doesn’t offer extra features

7. Zen Business

Zen Business Registered Agent Specials — Learn More

Zen Business is newer to the scene when it comes to the online business service industry and has taken the market by storm. Since its inception in 2015, Zen Business focuses on transforming how things are done in the industry by offering cost-friendly services while providing invaluable features to ensure your business gets off the ground.

Zen’s business model is quite impressive, which has earned them overwhelming positive feedback, which is a big plus. They charge $99 per year for registered agent service and do not include additional features. At that price, you also get to access their software through which you can file and track your annual reports.

What appeals to many is that their process is simple, their website is easy to use, and you get remarkable customer support.


· Remarkable customer feedback

· Ideal for startups

· Impressive pricing

· They offer personalized customer support


· Haven’t been in business for long

Get Started With ZenBusiness Today!


1. What does a Registered Agent do?

The primary function of a registered agent is to ensure your business complies with the laws by making sure your paperwork is up-to-date. The agent also accepts your legal and ax documentation on behalf of your entity.

2. Do I need a registered agent?

Yes. Every state in the USA requires that all LLCs (limited liability companies), partnerships and corporations to have a registered agent.

3. Can I be my own Delaware registered agent?

You can be your own agent as long as you are 18 years and above, you have a physical address in the state where your business is located, and if you are always available during business hours in case something comes up.

4. How much do the services of a registered agent cost?

The cost can range from zero (if you decide to be your own agent) to several hundred dollars per year if you go for third-party services.

5. Can I change my registered agent service provide?

Yes you can. You only have to fill in the required paperwork with the right state agency. However, keep in mind that different states have different forms and processes of changing a registered agent.

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