ZenBusiness LLC Service Review:

ZenBusiness is a popular LLC formation and registered agent service provider that has drawn enormous praise from businesses ranging from LLCs, partnerships to small businesses across the US.

Some hail it for competitive pricing while others praise it for stellar features. So, should you seek services from this company? Let’s find out.

Founded in 2015, the Texas-based company has so far helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their business. It offers numerous services such as registered agent services, Worry Free Compliance, and New York Publication, among others.

We will discuss this and more in consecutive sections. But first, let’s look at the pros and cons of using ZenBusiness services.

Pros and cons of ZenBusiness

  • It offers affordable LLC formation services compared to its closest rivals like LegalZoom. With just $39, you are set to start your LLC company.
  • Unlike most other services, ZenBusiness has an approachable LLC company formation process. Besides, they don’t try to up-sell services to their new customers. Rather, they let you choose add-ons.
  • Another pro about ZenBusiness is their stellar customer service. In fact, this has seen them accumulate thousands of positive reviews on top review sites such as Trustpilot.
  • If you purchase the Pro Package, the help you manage some crucial LLC aspects like report filing and the never-ending LLC maintenance requirements.
  • The Pro Package comes with much-needed services such as domain registration, email for your business, website development, and more. In short, you’ll have much of the business setup done for you.
  • And if you are a big supporter of UN Sustainable Development Goals, this company plays a big role in eradicating poverty. How? They support women and underrepresented communities to start and run businesses. Also. They provide affordable loans to small businesses.
  • Depending on your package, you can choose a faster business formation process taking less than 5 days in the pro-package.
  • They use technology to keep the cost you pay for their services a bit low


  • Their knowledge base section on their website isn’t comprehensive.

As you can see, using ZenBusiness services affords you numerous benefits and helps you kick-start your company on a high note.

Now, let’s look its pricing

ZenBusiness packages

Here are the plans that the company offers you.

Starter Package ($49 + state fees)

The starter package is idea for a business running on a budget. Let’s look at some of the noteworthy features.

Standard filing service: the company will follow the normal filling speed. Remember states have different speeds and rates.

Registered agent: Regardless of the package you choose, ZenBusiness affords you the registered agent services. Few companies offer these services at a cheap price. This is one of the reasons why businesses prefer it to others.

A registered agent acts as the middleman between your business and the office of the Secretary of State. It receives all legal documents from authorities.

They help ensure compliance to legal requirements to run your business hence eliminating chances of fines and penalties. Also, ZenBusiness ensures there are no embarrassing notices at your place of business

Operating agreement template: An operating agreement is a legal requirement that all LLCs should have. It outlines the duties of each member. And if you are your own registered agent, it shows that you respect the LLC as a separate entity. ZenBusiness provides these services.

They help you outline how you’ll run your business and the framework you’ll follow to ensure that your business grows steadily. This helps you protect your business assets and come up with rules that each member should follow.

100% Accuracy: ZenBusiness ensures that it fills all your details accurately and also send you alerts and notifications promptly to allow you comply with your states regulations.

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· Pro Package ($199 + state fees)

This is the most preferred by most entrepreneurs. It comes with all the services found in the basic package plus others, which are:

Rush filling speed: Unlike the starter package, the Pro plan affords you the luxury of having your filling done promptly. That is, the company prioritizes your files to those in the starter package.

Employer ID Number (EIN): The employer identification number is also another requirement that your LLC must meet. This is the identification number that will be used in all legal transactions. ZenBusiness saves you the hassle of finding one.

It ensures you get one digitally from the comfort of your office. ZenBusiness has slotted it in the Pro and Premium packages.

Banking resolution template: Should another member of the LLC want to open a bank account and offer a signature, he/she will need a bank resolution. It also always you to access the company’s financial decisions and shows financial institutions that only authorized persons to access your LLC’s bank account. ZenBusiness provides you a customized template so you can use it on the go.

Worry free compliance: ZenBusiness ensures your annual report is up to date and delivered to the relevant authorities. This mitigates failure to meet deadlines and penalties. Failure to show your annual report might make you lose your LLC protection which can increase personal liability and risk.

You are rest assured to receive alerts and notifications so that you don’t miss deadlines. And should you miss deadlines, the company will have you sorted. This service is in the Pro and Premium plans.

· Premium Package ($299 + state fees)

These package comes with all the services found in the Starter and Pro packages. In essence, this is suited for large LLCs that require stellar services from the word go. The notable services include:

Business domain name: this is the domain that your business will be identified with. With experts in this field, they will come up with a name that resonates with the nature of your business.

Business website: in this day and age, a business without a website is as good as dead. This is because prospective clients turn to the internet to search for your business before consulting you. This helps improve your authenticity.

ZenBusiness will create a website for your business so you can reach clients worldwide. This means you won’t need to outsource a developer or a designer.

Business email: When it comes to marketing, a business email address significantly improves the authenticity of your business. You can use it to send promo emails, subscription, and respond to clients’ queries. You’ll get one from ZenBusiness when you subscribe to the Premium package.

2. Registered Agent services

Standard coverage ($99)

Registered agent: for only $99 ensures your business is in full compliance with the state’s regulation by offering registered agent services.

Online document access: you can access specific documents anytime any place. This helps you keep track of the legal aspects of your business

Expert support: should you have any query about forming or running an LLC, the customer support team is ready to help you.

Complete coverage ($149)

This plan has all the services in the Standard package plus Worry-Free Compliance. As such, you won’t have to worry about deadlines or penalties since ZenBusiness will help you meet requirements before due time.

Why we recommend ZenBusiness

· Mindful pricing: ZenBusiness has a competitive pricing plan that keeps it abreast of competitors. With the starter package, your registered agent needs are already sorted.

· Stellar customer support: most customers hail ZenBusiness for a competent and responsive customer support team. They also provide numerous avenues to reach them such as email, phone, and live chat. You can ask question and give feedback during office hours.

· Easy to use: it is easy to setup your account with the company since instructions are straightforward. And with a stellar customer support team, you can rest assured of prompt replies.

Other services offered by ZenBusiness

· Annual reports

Every state requires you to file an annual report with the necessary authorities. This is to show that you are operating a fully compliant company. Failure to do so can have you fined, worst yet, you can have your license revoked.

ZenBusiness ensures the annual report is sent to the state government at the end of the year. This is thanks to an experienced team and futuristic technology. Some of the annual fillings that the company handles include initial reports, annual/biannual reports, statement filling fees, franchise tax, and articles of amendment.

· New York publication

If you want to meet requirements for New York, then you’ll need to publish your announcement in at least two newspapers for six weeks. Fortunately, for a fee ZenBusiness does this for you.

With a New York publication you’ll enjoy full compliance preventing your LLC from getting penalized. The company simplifies the process for you by reaching newspapers, county clerk, and attorneys to publish your LLC. Plus, it cuts on costs and saves on time.

· Speed options

If you want your LLC formation done in weeks or days, ZenBusiness got you covered. With the starter option, you can expect formation in 3 weeks while the Premium plan takes up to 4 business days. So if you are in a rush, you can opt for the Premium option. The best part: it comes with other stellar services.

· Registration of DBA

DBA or “doing business as” name, is the name you use in place of your business’s legal name. Don’t worry, it is still legal. In short, it is another name for your business. And if you want one, you can always contact ZenBusiness.

· Registration of a domain name

It is recommended that you have an online presence to ascertain the legitimacy of your business. While you can settle for a social media account, websites offer the most ideal results. Should you want to develop a website, ZenBusiness will register a domain name and create a website for you.

· Domain name privacy

Once you register for a domain name, it can be accessed through the WHOIS database. As such, your personal information can be viewed by anyone becoming a potential prey to spammers. ZenBusiness changes this information maintaining your privacy.

· Reliable customer support

ZenBusiness offers reliable customer service during business days so you can keep abreast of your business operations. You can reach them via an online chat, email, or phone.

· Business name reservation

Business name reservation allows you to retain the name even before starting an LLC. This means no other entrepreneur can use it.

· Business insurance

Another important aspect businesses should not overlook is having an insurance cover. The company saves you the hassle to get one since, in conjunction with Bold Penguin, you automatically qualify for one when you purchase a premium or Pro plan.

ZenBusiness vs. LegalZoom

Now, let’s compare ZenBusiness with its rival company; LegalZoom.

· Pricing

ZenBusiness: it has the upperhand when it comes to pricing. This is because its starter package comes with notable services such as registered agent services of which LegalZoom does not offer in its basic plan.

LegalZoom: while expensive, most customers settle for LegalZoom because of its popularity. It is one of the most popular in the United States.

· Longevity and track record

ZenBusiness: it has been in existence since 2015. While it’s relatively a new entrant, it has proved to be a reliable company thanks to its expertise and dedicated team.

LegalZoom: On the other hand, LegalZoom was formed in 1999. This longevity has greatly bolstered its trustworthiness among its more than 3.6 million businesses it has worked with. Besides, this has enabled it to cement itself as of the leaders in this sphere.

· Customer service

ZenBusiness: you can reach their support team via email, phone, and live chat. The reps do not take long to respond to your queries. You can reach them between 9am and 7pm, ET on office days.

LegalZoom: LegalZoom offers customer support via phone and email. Their email response takes time; you can wait up to one week. Besides, they’ll often not respond to a specific query, but rather send you a form email. You can reach them from 8am to 10pm, ET (Mon-Fri) and 10am to 7pm ET on Saturdays.

· Customer experience

ZenBusiness: Most of the customer reviews on review sites such as Trustpilot are positive. They hail the company for considerate pricing, stellar customer service, and much-needed features.

LegalZoom has been in businesses for two decades. It has a solid client base. While it has a great customer service, there are isolated complaints of delayed responses especially on Trustpilot.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to start an LLC business at a low cost, you should consider ZenBusiness. It offers premium services at a lower cost compared to competitors such as LegalZoom. Besides, if you are looking to start an LLC business, purchasing the Premium package will provide you all the necessary services you need.


Is ZenBusiness legit?

Yes! It is a Texas-registered agent that has gone on to help thousands of LLCs since its formation in 2015. Another thing, they do not have hidden charges which are common with other agents.

How do I cancel my ZenBusiness account?

To cancel your account you need to contact their support team. You’ll then follow the laid-out instructions after logging into your account.

Does ZenBusiness provide services also for non us residents?

ZenBusiness offers services both to permanent residents and citizens of the United States.

Does ZenBusiness have hidden charges?

ZenBusiness only charges for services you choose. The amount indicated in the order page is what you pay.

How does ZenBusiness compare with other registered agents?

While LegalZoom enjoys wide brand awareness among U.S. citizens, ZenBusiness is a favorite for many entrepreneurs due to its pocket-friendly services and transparency. It also offers services in the Start package that are otherwise expensive with other agents. While still a new entrant compared to LegalZoom, it has helped thousands of businesses.

What states does ZenBusiness serve?

The company serves more than 50 states among them Kansas, Washington, New Mexico, California, Montana, Alaska, and others. All of these states attract different prices.

What other services does ZenBusiness offer apart from LLC Formation?

The company also offers services such as EIN, annual reports, New York publication, Worry Free Compliance, and formation plans.

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