incfile llc service review

IncFile is a renowned LLC formation company that has earned an enviable reputation for providing affordable business formation services for many entrepreneurs.

While IncFile offers the most pocket-friendly prices for LLC formation, do they really offer the best services around? Are they really worth it? Or is there a better option out there?

Well, in this Incfile review, we’re going to dive deep into everything you need to know about Incfile including the kind of services they offer, what makes them stand out in this highly competitive market, how they compare from other leading services, and much more.

An Overview of Incfile

Before we delve into specific services that Incfile offers, let’s first give you a little background about the company.

Incfile is an LLC formation service provider that was first established in 2004 to help entrepreneurs form business entities and file taxes and compliance documents. Since inception, Incfile has facilitated the formation of over 250,000 businesses.

Incfile’s services are customized based on the specific state that your business operates. It’s also an accredited company with an impressive A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

So, if you’re looking to start your own LLC, here is a comprehensive review of Incfile to help you figure out if it’s the best one for your needs:

Pros of IncFile:

  • Incfile offers the least-expensive LLC formation services out there with their prices starting as low as $0 + state fee.
  • They’ve been operating for about 16 years and have helped the formation of many businesses, so you can expect them to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced.
  • They offer a full year of free registered agent service in all their LLC formation packages.
  • Provides automatic lifetime alerts that notify you on approaching compliance deadlines, saving you the hassle of keeping track of everything yourself.
  • They offer discounted tax filling services if you file both your business and personal taxes with them.
  • The company has over 15,000 positive customer reviews online
  • Incfile has an excellent customer service comprising of friendly and knowledgeable support reps.
  • No automatic service renewals or hidden fees
  • Their checkout process is pretty easy and fast such that you can complete your order in less than 10 minutes
  • They provide a quick order turnaround, filing your documents in just one business day.

Cons of IncFile:

  • At times, it might be hard to reach Incfile’s customer support.
  • Sometimes you have to deal with a bit more upsells with their free formation LLC service.

Customer Support

Incfile offers a range of channels for customer support; you can send your questions via email or reach their support reps via phone. Their phone support is available from Monday to Friday and between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT. They don’t offer phone support during weekends. They respond to calls quickly and provide in-depth answers to your satisfaction.

User Reviews

Incfile receives numerous extremely positive customer reviews online. The company is BBB accredited with a perfect A+ rating and a remarkable 5-star customer rating on BBB and a 4.8 star rating from over 13,000 reviews on their website review section. Currently the company has over 15,000 reviews online with nearly all of them being from satisfied clients.

From the reviews, many clients like how easy and fast Incfile’s LLC formation and compliance processes were to complete. Most reviews also express customer satisfaction with Incfile’s transparent pricing.

Other of Incfile’s customer ratings available online include: 4.8 star rating from over 10,000 customer reviews on Shopper Approved, a 4.2 star rating from over 50 customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Pricing and Packages

Incfile offers three separate business formation packages at different prices, depending on the features and services included:

· Silver Package ($0 plus state fee)

This is arguably the most popular package that Incfile offers due to its zero costs. It’s also Incfile’s most basic offering often preferred by startups. The silver package includes services such as LLC formation, lifetime alerts, business tax consultation, unlimited customer support, online document access, name availability, order status tracking, preparation and filing, and one year of free registered agent service.

· Gold ($149 + State Fee)

On top of the services from the silver package, the Gold package also includes additional features including federal tax identification (EIN), business formation kit, banking resolution, operating agreement, express shipping, and S corporation tax form preparation.

· Platinum Package ($299 plus state fee)

Then there is the Platinum package, which comes with everything from the Gold package plus extra features comprising business contract templates, expedited document filing, a business website and domain name, and a deluxe business formation kit.

Features and Services

Here, we’re going to give you a detailed review of the specific services that Incfile offers can offer you when forming your own LLC with them. These services and features include:

· Business Name Search

The first and most important step when forming your own LLC is to ensure you have a unique business name. To make the entire process hassle-free, Incfile confirms whether your business name is available by performing a quick check on the applicable state database. If your desired business name is not available, Incfile provides you with alternative names that you can use.

  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization

Apart from helping you reserve your business name, Incfile also helps you to prepare all articles of organization that you need to form your LLC. This saves you plenty of time to do other important things while ensuring the documents are error-free. Once your articles of organizations are prepared, Incfile then files them with the state to officially form your new LLC.

· Registered agent Service

All Incfile packages come with a one year of free registered service. This means that Incfile acts as your registered agent, whereby they accept legal documents and official mail on your behalf, then submits them to you.

  • LLC Operating Agreement

Incfile also helps create customized operating agreements for you, which outlines your business’ ownership structure as well as ground rules for your business operations. This service is available in their Gold and Platinum packages.

  • Organizational Minutes

This is only available in Incfile’s premium packages and includes a template of organizational minutes that you can use for your meetings.

  • Business tax services

Incfile links you with a tax professional that will help you create and file your business or even personal tax return. With the help of a professional, you get a chance to reduce mistakes in your return while also maximizing your tax deductions. The tax professional also helps clear any doubts you might be having regarding LLC tax regulations and rules applicable to your business.

· Compliance

After you’ve set up your new business, Incfile will help guide you through compliance issues keep your company in good standing. This can include things like filing your annual reports, requesting an EIN, changing your business name, or obtaining a certificate of good standing.

· Incfile Order Tracking

Unlike many other services out there, Incfile includes an order tracking feature that ensures real-time tracking of your orders. This feature alone sets Incfile apart as it helps you keep track of the status of the orders you’ve placed.

· Lifetime Business Alerts

Besides helping you keep track of your orders, Incfile also alerts you of any upcoming deadlines for your business through emails. This helps to ensure you don’t miss on any important deadline such as filling of annual reports and renewal of your business license.

· Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Only available in Incfile’s Gold and Platinum packages, the EIN number serves as your business’ social security number that you use while opening a bank account or hiring new employees. Incfile helps obtain an employer identification number for you, saving you the trouble of getting it yourself.

· Express Shipping

Incfile also offers an express shipping service, which helps to ensure all hard copy documents are delivered get to you in a timely manner. They also provide you with a tracking number, allowing you to seamlessly monitor your packages during transit.

· Banking Resolution

In the Incfile Platinum and Gold Package, you also receive a banking resolution, which is essentially a document that helps authorize a person in your company to open a bank account as well as provide a signature in a financial institution.

· Online Document Access

Once Incfile prepares, files, and submits your LLC documents, they then store them in a digital format on your online dashboard. This makes it easy for you to access all your business documents from wherever you are.

They also give you unlimited access to a library of contract templates that you can customize accordingly to match different business activities.

Incfile Cancellation Policy

When it comes to canceling your subscriptions and orders from Incfile, they only refund you if you cancel before they send payment to your state. This means that you should cancel your service within 24 hours after subscribing. The refund you receive is for the full purchase minus a $30 fee if you didn’t cancel within the set period.

Should You Hire IncFile for LLC Formation?

While Incfile offers the most competitive prices in the market, it may not be the best option for every entrepreneur out there looking to start an LLC company depending on their unique needs.

· Who is incfile best for?

Incfile can be the best option for you if you’re on a constrained budget and want with formation and compliance of your new LLC. This is mainly because they offer high-quality LLC formation services at the most affordable prices out there.

· Who is incfile not best for?

Incfile may not be a suitable option, if you need a full-featured LLC service or if you require extensive customer service and legal assistance.

Comparison with Other Services

With offerings starting at $99, LegalZoom is more expensive than IncFile with a free LLC formation service. However, you should choose LegalZoom if you regularly need legal assistance.

Also, if you think you might need more included features or even lots of customer service help, you might opt for a fully-featured LLC service, like ZenBusiness or Northwest. Northwest also stands out for its top-notch customer support.


· Is Incfile good for LLC?

Yes, Incfile is among the leading companies for LLC formation. This is because they form an LLC at zero costs, which helps you save lots of money; they offer excellent customer support, have numerous positive reviews, and offer a quick turnaround time for LLC services.

· Is Incfile free?

Yes, Incfile LLC formation service is totally free. They also offer a one year of free registered service. All you’re required to pay is only the state filing fee.

· Who owns Incfile?

Incfile is a private owned company co-founded by Dustin Ray and Nicholas Siha.

· Why you should choose an LLC for your business?

There are many compelling reasons why you should choose an LLC for your business including you get to eliminate double taxation, protects your personal assets from claims by business creditors, and offers you a flexible ownership structure.

· What is the downside to an LLC?

One downside to an LLC is that it can be somewhat expensive to operate compared to a corporation. Also, checks made to an LLC cannot be cashed, instead should be deposited to a separate corporate account. Owners of an LLC are responsible for paying taxes for their share in the company. An LLC also requires its owners to be extra careful to keep business records and meetings minutes separate from their personal business.

· How do I cancel Incfile?

To successfully cancel your Incfile service, you should first file a “Change of Agent” to your state and replace Incfile with another service. After you’re done, you can then notify Incfile and they’ll go ahead and cancel your service. Alternatively, you can reach out to Incfile’s support and they’ll help you notify your state and cancel your service.

· Where is Incfile located?

Incfile is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

· How do I contact Incfile?

You can contact Incfile via phone or email. If you prefer using their phone support, you can call them at 844–830–8267 from Monday — Friday between 9am and 6pm CST. If you prefer emailing them instead, you can find an e-mail contact form on the company’s official website.

· What other services does it offer?

Besides LLC formation, there are many other services Incfile offers comprising company changes such as foreign qualifications, amendments, and DBA business names. They also can offer compliance assistance and IRS filings.

· Can My Accountant Be My Registered Agent?

Yes, your accountant can be your registered agent, if you already have one in your business. You may however, end up paying them more or they may not have the needed experience to serve as a registered agent for your business.

Final Verdict:

While there are lots of many great LLC formation services out there, Incfile stands out as it offers similar services and features at bargain prices.

Unlike any other service in the market, Incfile forms your LLC for free plus acts as your registered agent for the first year for free. They’re also committed to giving you value for your money whether you’re building your first LLC or have an established company already.

Besides that, Incfile has extensive experience in the industry, they also have excellent customer support, and are highly rated by customers online.

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